Valerie Ramos

Valerie Ramos

Valerie Ramos


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Valerie was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where she attended Mountain View Community College and received her Associate’s Degree of Applied Science. She then pursued a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Valerie has always had an interest in many fields of law. She worked for the Dallas County court system for over 14 years, broadening her skill set by working in the Dallas County Civil County Courts at Law, Truancy Court, Criminal Court, and Vital Statistics. She loves working with people in general and is always determined to help fight for their cause or a cause. It makes her feel accomplished and happy to know she was able to make someone’s life better, whether through the smallest gesture or the biggest one.

Valerie has developed a strong interest in Family Law due to her own family status and her experience learning how to co-parent and mediate between parties, managing both the challenges and rewards that come with it. Her motto that she lives by is “Life is what you make it, and not everything has to be bad because perception is key. You can control what happens next by being proactive rather than reactive.”

Valerie is a mother of three boys, so she considers herself a boy mom. She was able to gain two daughters through her husband, making their blended family a total of six children. She loves her “Brady Bunch” and wouldn’t have it any other way. Valerie cherishes the opportunity to help raise her stepdaughters into beautiful, respectable young ladies and to instill good morals and values in them. With more boys than girls, she embraces being a tough mom and hopes to raise tough yet gentle, loving, respectable young men with strong morals and values. Traveling is a passion for her family, allowing them to explore new places when life’s stresses are at bay and time permits. Her family is her motivation, keeping her active and engaged.

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