Plano Area High Asset Divorce Lawyers

Plano Area High Asset Divorce Lawyers

Most divorces have some amount of disagreement that must be negotiated, mediated, or litigated. When a divorce involves high-value assets, however, it can be extremely complicated. Choosing an attorney who is experienced in handling these challenging divorces can make a significant difference in the outcome of your divorce. At Carpenter & Associates, we know how to successfully resolve high-asset divorces in a manner that benefits our clients’ interests. We are committed to protecting our clients and their financial futures. We closely scrutinize high net worth divorces and work with a network of forensic accounting experts to accurately value all assets involved. Our services are beneficial to anyone facing a high-asset divorce, including:

  • Professionals such as physicians and attorneys
  • Members of closely held companies
  • Stockholders of multigenerational companies
  • Business developers
  • Banking executives
  • High-tech employees and executives

A Firm with the Resources to Handle All High-Asset Divorces

We offer tremendous experience in high-asset divorce cases that involve complex property and debt division issues, including:

  • Business valuations and division, including closely held companies
  • Valuation and division of unusual assets like intellectual property
  • Real property valuations and division
  • Separate property disputes requiring tracing
  • High-earner child support disputes
  • Self-employment income that may vary, unlike a salary
  • Division of retirement accounts and benefits
  • Division of investment assets, including stock options
  • Valuation and division of valuable assets such as jewelry, trusts, artwork, and livestock
  • At Carpenter & Associates PC, our DFW Family Lawyers take pride in always providing personalized legal services of the highest quality.

Community Property and High Net Worth Divorce in Texas

In Texas, marital property is considered community property. Consequently, if you get divorced in Texas, any asset that is acquired during the marriage is fair game to be divided. A case can be made for certain assets to be considered separate property, however. If, for example, an inheritance is received during the marriage, that could be declared separate property. Depending on the circumstances, the classification of an asset as either community property or separate property may be more in your financial interests. Our DFW Divorce Lawyers are experienced in negotiating and litigating these issues and effectively advocating for our clients’ interests.

In most high asset divorce cases, one party seeks the appointment of a receiver. While it may seem scary to have someone take control of your property, a receiver is responsible for protecting the property from being sold or transferred during the pendency of your case. In certain situations, a receiver is necessary; however, there must be a showing of imminent harm to the marital property before they’re appointed. Our staff at Carpenter & Associates is well-versed in receivership law, so whether you want one appointed or want to fight the appointment, you can trust that we have your back.

Valuing and Dividing High Value Assets

There is a lot at stake in a high-asset divorce. To know just how much is at stake, your marital assets must be appraised. We work with financial specialists to accurately value our clients’ assets, including:

  • Business Interests •
  • QDROs, Pensions, 401(k)s
  • Real Estate Holdings
  • Stock Portfolios
  • Vehicles, Aircraft, and Boats
  • Jewelry, Artwork, and High-End Furnishings

We also work with financial professionals to accurately assess marital debt, as that is also shared equally in Texas. Additionally, we are experienced in uncovering hidden assets and obtaining temporary restraining orders (TROs) to prevent your spouse from withdrawing assets prior to the settlement or judgment.

Besides property division issues, there are often disputes over spousal support and child support payments in high-net-worth divorces. In Texas, there are caps on both spousal support and child support. Even so, there is a lot of room for a skilled attorney to negotiate on these matters.

When you get divorced and you have assets of significant value, you cannot afford to entrust your case to a lawyer that is not experienced and knowledgeable in this area. To learn more about how we handle high-asset divorces and how we can help you, contact us online or call 972-455-8700 to schedule a consultation.

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